Sting Goes Backstreet?

Sting sang a couple of classic Police songs at last night’s taping of the VH1 concert, “Men Strike Back” — not with members of his former band the Police but with Backstreet Boys. That’s right, one of rock’s elder statesman shared the stage on several of his songs — and Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way” — with the harmonizing teen dreams. Kevin Richardson of the Boys said that it was an honor to play with Sting, and claimed onstage that he and his bandmates asked him for tips about “tantric stuff.” Meanwhile, the fake band 2gether, which was the subject of a Feburary MTV movie spoof of boy bands (no names in particular) still finds itself climbing the Billboard charts. The soundtrack of the TV movie has sold nearly 500,00 copies and the boys are prepping for their upcoming MTV series. A second album is slated to be released in August. Wait, there’s more: Britney Spears has reportedly asked the 2gether guys to be the opening band for her tour this summer. Do it, fellas.

For more on the VH1 “Men Strike Back” concert, click here.

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