The rock star, 65, envisions life at 90 on a beach, surrounded by her dogs and goddaughters

By Andrea Billups
February 06, 2014 07:55 AM
Credit: Ian West/PA Wire/Abaca USA

She’s still a hot, blonde rock star, but at 65, Stevie Nicks remains single.

And although she’s actively tearing up the stage these days, Nicks said she’d still be open to finding true love – if only a future beau could understand the challenges of being with her.

“I live a single woman’s life,” with plenty of alone time, she tells The New York Times.

“It would be fun if I could find a boyfriend who understood my life and didn’t get his feelings hurt because I’m always a phone call away from having to leave in two hours for New York or a phone call from having to do interviews all day long,” Nicks said. “It’s not very fun to be Mr. Stevie Nicks.”

“If it were to happen to me I d be thrilled,” she adds. “But when I m 90 years old and sitting in a gloriously beautiful beach house somewhere on this planet with five or six Chinese Crested Yorkies, surrounded by all my goddaughters who will at that point be middle-aged, I ll be just as happy.”

Still touring with Fleetwood Mac – she credits a vocal coach with keeping her voice strong – Nicks said she lost eight years of her life after a doctor prescribed her Klonopin in the wake of her rehab stint for cocaine addiction.

She later kicked that medication and now embraces good health as she continues to write and perform new music. (She also cops to dancing around the house to Lady Gaga‘s “Applause.”)

“I’ve been extremely lucky. I’ve been in a famous band for a very long time and because of that I’ve taken very good care of myself,” said Nicks, who recently made a guest appearance on American Horror Story: Coven.

“Except for the eight years I was on Klonopin and I got really fat but that wasn’t my fault,” she added, noting that she ballooned from 125 to173 pounds.

Now, after getting off the medication entirely, she tries to look her best – embracing her age and wisdom after years in the limelight.

“You have to keep yourself youthful,” Nicks said. “And I don’t mean looking 22 and going to plastic surgery and looking like a caricature of yourself, a stranger that nobody recognizes so that you can’t even get a table in a restaurant anymore because you really don’t look like Stevie Nicks anymore.”