Brian Snyder/REUTERS
August 07, 2015 06:05 PM

Just when you thought the Republican debate couldn’t get any zanier – Steven Tyler showed up.

Fans may have been surprised to see the Aerosmith frontman (and other members of the band) sitting in the crowd at the event on Thursday night, but he’s actually been quite active in politics in the past. In fact, the singer-songwriter, 67, proposed a bill in Hawaii in 2013 called the “Steven Tyler Act,” which aimed to give celebrities protection from paparazzi and enable them to sue over intrusive photos or videos. (The bill sailed through the Senate but ultimately was never passed into law.)

Now it looks like Tyler is dipping his toe back into politics by attending Thursday’s debate in Cleveland, reportedly as a guest of – you guessed it – Donald Trump, according to the Washington Post.

A rep for the former American Idol judge, whose political leanings are unclear, tells PEOPLE, “Steven Tyler is a bipartisan advocate on issues that he is passionate about. Why wouldn’t he support the Republican debates? Some of his closest allies in Washington, D.C. on copyright reform are Republican. He believes many things can be accomplished when you get along with everyone and work across party lines.”

Is it too late for him to run for president?

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