"I truly believe that his inspiration is the road to a great future," the Apple co-founder says

By Johnny Dodd
October 10, 2011 08:00 AM

They started Apple Computer together in 1976 with nothing. Now, 35 years later, Steve Wozniak can reflect on just how his friend and fellow computer geek Steve Jobs changed the world.

“I am in great grief,” Wozniak, 61, tells PEOPLE. “I’m glad that Steve Jobs did so much for the world. His efforts and accomplishments move us much closer to solving the great problems of the world, including war.”

Jobs, who died last week at 56, had a beautiful mind that allowed him to see the future, and shape it, says Wozniak.

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“Steve was the most important friend in my life,” he says. “He had an incredible mind that couldn’t be measured or recognized by normal methods. Like art, it couldn’t be put into a formula, what was great about Steve’s thinking. You had to know him and experience his thinking to know why it was way ahead of normal people.”

Wozniak adds: “The future was the important thing to Steve. Only in very recent years and months did he speak fondly of the old days, with me and with others.”

“He will be a historic figure forever and that will inspire other young people to become great thinkers and leaders and to turn out like Steve. I truly believe that his inspiration is the road to a great future.”