Performer blogs about returning to treatment and his "horrible mood swings"

By Callie Schweitzer
Updated July 07, 2008 02:25 PM

Jackass star Steve-O has checked himself back into a mental institution after living sober for 115 days, he says.

The former MTV star (born Stephen Glover), 33, writes on his blog that after watching himself on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Addiction Special he wants “to explain a little bit of what I’ve been going through since I got clean, to help some of you understand how much damage drugs and alcohol have really done to me.

Despite passing a 100-day milestone of sobriety, Steve-O says he still suffers from horrible mood swings and severe depression, and that his brain is f—– up from using so much cocaine, ketamine, pcp, nitrous oxide, and all sorts of other drugs.

He writes that his prescribed medication is not working and he s back in the looney bin trying to get that s— right.

His post ends on a somber note: Everyone’s going to make their own decisions in life, but nobody needs to make the same mistakes I made.

In June, Steve-O pleaded guilty to cocaine possession but avoided jail time by finishing a drug rehab program.

He was previously hospitalized in the psychiatric ward at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in mid-March.

At the time, he told PEOPLE, “My urge to stay sober, today, is way stronger than my urge to get f—– up. I truly pray to keep it that way.”