Dave Franco joked about how those late fees led Steve Jobs to create Apple TV

Dave Franco may be indirectly responsible for the creation of Apple TV.

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, the Nerve star, 31, told a funny story about how Steve Jobs would come into the video store that employed him years ago.

“My first job ever I was 14, I was working at a mom and pop video store,” Franco says. “We were in Palo Alto so we had some interesting clientele, like Steve Jobs.”

Franco then explained that the store would rent out VHS tapes for two days and start charging late fees if the person didn’t return them – something that landed Jobs, a father of four, into trouble.

“He didn’t come in often but I remember at one point he had a $267 late fee for a Rainbow Brite cartoon movie,” says Franco about the Apple co-founder.

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The actor then joked about how the late fees may have led to a future Jobs innovation.

“You think about it and you’re like, ‘That’s gotta be the sole reason why he created Apple TV,’ ” Franco says. “I feel like I should take partial credit for that cause I was the nervous 14-year-old who wasn’t gonna call Steve Jobs and be like, ‘We need the Rainbow Brite cartoon back!’ ”