April 08, 2014 12:00 PM

Have you seen Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show, Steve Harvey? It’s awesome. I haven’t felt this excited about a daytime talk show since Tyra Banks faced her fear of dolphins. The man is legit charming. Legit hilarious. Legit smart. Legit relatable. Legit suit-wearing. The joy emanating from this show is palpable. It’s not surprising, because Steve is a legend. He’s a literal King of Comedy. The ease with which he interacts with the everyday person, the smoothness with which he transitions from hilarious to sincere, and the honest compassion he has for people – all of it conspires to create an hour of really satisfying daytime television.

But above all, Steve Harvey is THE MASTER at reacting to crazy. When an audience member or guest posits a crazy question or makes a crazy statement, BOOM. Steve is right there with the best facial expressions hitherto never before seen in daytime television. And I’m sorry to invoke the name of our lord and savior Oprah Winfrey, but Oprah, when it comes to the “excuse me?” facial expression, there is no one better than Steve Harvey. I truly believe that this fact alone might explain why Steve’s show is such a huge ratings success.

Unlike me, if you have an actual day job or a life, you may not have had a chance to witness what I speak of. Never fear, Sara is here. I have compiled a collection of exemplary Steve Harvey reactions, in all their nuanced variety. Dr. Oz, take note.


Now, Hold Up

Rrrrright …

Eehhhhhh, No, You’re Crazy.

Oh Holy Hell, No

Total Brain Melt

Walk it Off

Lord Jesus, Help Me

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Oprah Winfrey at the BAFTA Awards
Courtesy of Oprah

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