Snacks, Gadgets and Underwear: Steve Aoki Shares the Must-Have Items He Carries in His Gear Bag

Steve Aoki will be headlining the closing day of EDM festival Tomorrowland in Belgium on July 24

Photo: Joseph D'Oria

Steve Aoki’s travel bag has got all that and a bag of chips – literally.

The American electro-house musician is constantly packing his bag to head out on his next adventure, and he’s got it down to a science when it comes to choosing the items he must bring along.

From snacks to performance equipment and even some underwear (yes, better safe than sorry), his gear bag has quite the eclectic mix.

The deejay will be headlining the closing day of Tomorrowland on July 24 in Belgium, which is the biggest EDM music festival on the globe.

Aoki gave PEOPLE a peek inside his bag filled with his festival performance essentials and must-haves – and this is what we saw:

1. BUQU Pina Power Bank – “ABC, Always Be Charging is my motto on the road.”

2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cell phone – “ABC, Always Be Snapchatting, this phone has the best cameras for Snapchatting and I Snapchat all my travels and performances.”

3. Sol Republic headphones – “These are studio headphones that work just as good for blocking noisy people on the plane as they do on stage or in the studio.”

4. Apple MacBook Pro studio laptop – “I always have this laptop with me so I can work on new music anywhere, anytime and keep my inspirations fresh.”

5. Sleep Revolution mask – “I got this mask from my good friend Ariana Huffington and it’s a must have when you are on planes as much as I am and you need good sleep. It came with her book The Sleep Revolution.”

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