"If you can't handle having a trans kid, don't have kids," Stephen Ira Tweeted
Credit: Courtesy Stephen Ira

As friends continue to mourn the death of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, who committed suicide on Dec. 28, the son of two Hollywood A-listers has added his voice to those speaking out.

Writer and trans advocate Stephen Ira, 23, the son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, issued a series of impassioned Tweets after Alcorn’s death.

“Give this young woman the peace in death that she deserves and work for what she wanted, work for the things she needed while she lived,” he Tweeted on Dec. 30, later adding, “IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE HAVING A TRANS KID, DON’T HAVE KIDS.”

In response to Alcorn’s suicide note in which she said her parents had taken her to Christian therapists who reinforced the notion that being transgender was “wrong,” Ira Tweeted, “if your therapist tries hard to convince you not to transition, that’s conversion therapy!”

He also said he had experienced conversion therapy himself, using the hashtag #RealLiveTransAdult to join others sharing their experiences.

“I survived conversion therapy and transphobic abuse,” he Tweeted.

The eldest of four siblings, Stephen was assigned female at birth and named Kathlyn by his parents. He started transitioning at age 14, he said in a 2012 video for WeHappyTrans. Beatty, 77, and Bening, 56, have never publicly addressed Stephen’s gender. In the video for WeHappyTrans, he credited his friends and peers for being supportive over the years.

After Alcorn’s death, he offered encouraging words to others in the trans community.

“I am attractive to people who are not trans,” he Tweeted, adding that he has “a beautiful boyfriend.”

“You will and can be loved and adored,” he wrote.