The designer – brought up on an organic farm – follows in her parents' footsteps

By Courtney Rubin
Updated April 06, 2007 07:50 AM

Stella McCartney is one of the hottest fashion designers working today, but the daughter of Paul McCartney is down to earth – literally.

McCartney, who was brought up on an organic farm by her dad and mother, Linda, shares a country home with husband Alasdhair Willis, son Miller, 2, and daughter Bailey, born in December – and livestock.

McCartney, 35, tells the UK’s Easy Living magazine that the sheep they raise are “more pets, really,” as are the horses at their large Georgian home on the Gloucester-Worcestershire border.

And the whole gang likes living off the land. “I’ve got my organic veg patch and fruit; we’re very garden-obsessed, my husband and I,” she says in the magazine’s May issue. “He designed a garden for me for Christmas, so beautiful! Alasdhair’s very good at the proportion and ground work, and I come in and do the planting and the color scheme.”

McCartney, who recently launched an organic skincare line, says her upbringing influenced her current lifestyle. “I was brought up on an organic farm,” she says. “My mum and dad were really into that stuff.”

In fact, when she and her husband got married, “[We] asked guests to just give us trees so we could plant a wedding wood at our house. We’re quite a tree-friendly family.”

But farm life and design don’t always mix. Her attempt to have her sheeps’ wool knitted into sweaters for her husband and son turned out to be a sartorial disaster.

“When you’ve got a real wool jumper, it’s got all that lanolin in it,” she says. “They’re rock hard. Concrete sweaters. They can’t wear them.”

Asked how she juggles designing, looking after the farm and being a mom, she says, “Oh, I’m one of those women who just get on with it.”