Staying Sexy: Head-Turners Selected

How do some of Hollywood’s leading ladies stay sexy? Low-fat diets, StairMaster workouts, demure clothes, salsa dancing and luck are among the secrets shared by a selection of women showcased in PEOPLE’s July 31 issue. Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer (who stars in the upcoming “What Lies Beneath”), Madonna, Shakira Caine (wife of Michael), Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, Vanessa Williams, Rene Russo, Angela Bassett and Sela Ward top the list of wonder women. If the clock is ticking, these fit and fabulous ladies seem unaffected. “Looks fade,” says Bassett, who calls herself an “eat-dessert-first” person. “I try not to be insane about it, because your cute years last but not so long.” Adds “Once and Again” star Ward: “I wouldn’t want to turn back the clock for anything.”

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