Stars Support Clinton

Barbra Streisand, Jack Nicholson and Ted Danson and his wife Mary Steenburgen (a longtime Clinton family friend) led a boisterous, sign-waving demonstration against the impeachment of President Clinton in Los Angeles Wednesday. The rally, which attracted 1,000 protesters, began at noon local time — just a few hours before American cruise missiles struck Baghdad for its failure to cooperate with U.N. weapons inspectors. Attending the gathering were Whitewater figure Susan McDougal, “All in the Family” star Rob Reiner and “Titanic” actress Frances Fisher, whose chorus of “God Bless America” closed the event. A lone dissenter, Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League, stood at the fringes of the crowd and shouted “Perjury!” — eventually angering producer Norman Lear, who interrupted his introduction of Streisand to shout back: “Will you shut up?”

  • Nicholson, who attended the rally with no intention of speaking, finally came to the microphone after repeated calls from the crowd. “I wanted to come down here today with you all because the presidency of the United States is at stake,” the three-time Oscar-winning actor said. “We can’t confuse these issues. This is not a rally about my friend President Clinton, it’s about the presidency.”
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