Stars Make the Clothes

The only thing understated about Thursday’s 20th Annual American Fashion Awards in New York was the minimalist white book given to all the guests, featuring this year’s honorees, reports PEOPLE. Otherwise, the event presented by the Council of Fashion Designers of America was a pageant of glitter, lace and just about every textile under the sun. The show kicked off with host Sandra Bernhard, 45, flanked by two Vegas showgirls, dropping her white bathrobe to reveal a Bob Mackie gown that revealed most of the comedian. “Tonight I am going to torture you. I am going to drag this thing out,” joked Bernhard. A number of celebrities, who looked bewildered to be doling out fashion awards, still came out to participate in the show. Chris Noth, 46, presented Bridget Foley with the Eugenia Sheppard Award for Fashion Journalism, saying, “The show ‘Sex and the City’ is not about sex. It is about fashion. When the fashion comes off then it is about sex.” “Saturday Night Live” cast member Jimmy Fallon, 26, presenting the Perry Ellis Award for Menswear to William Reid, wore a black suit by Calvin Klein — with pants that ended about half a foot from his ankles. “I will wear whatever people give me,” he told PEOPLE. Other fabulous presenters included Brendan Fraser, Mena Suvari, Gisele Bundchen and a resplendent Heather Graham in Dior. Before the formal ceremonies, Calvin Klein accidentally got a tofu pie in the face that PETA protestors later said was meant for Karl Lagerfeld, who uses fur in his designs. Klein cleaned up and moved on. But perhaps the highlight of the evening was when Diana Ross, 57, gave a special award to Bob Mackie, 62. “Bob has been designing gowns for me since 1968,” said Ross, who was a vision in purple (including purple streaks in her hair). Turning to Mackie, she added, “You have made me the diva everyone says I am.”

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