A chic downtown New York crowd gathered on Wednesday for the Ellen Tracey/Vogue Honors, bestowed upon women whose contributions in film, music, and charity have had a lasting impact on society. This year’s recipients included actors Christine Baranski, Blythe Danner and Natasha Richardson, Lisa Ling (of “The View”) and Deborah Norville (of “Inside Edition”). The New York nightclub setting was adorned with rose petals strewn about the tabletops and the floors. Celebrities and attendants partook of fruit punch mimosas, assorted munchies and, since it was Valentine’s Day, a seemingly endless supply of cherry-filled chocolates. The event reminded former “Cybill” costar Baranski of her past favorite Valentine’s Day. “I think it was most undoubtedly spent with my husband,” she told PEOPLE. “It was one of those nights where he actually bought me sexy lingerie and took me to a French restaurant.” And? “Typical,” she admitted, “but very effective.”