Gabrielle Union, Rachel Brosnahan and more embrace the learning experience in falling flat on your face

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Credit: Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock

Everyone has a mistake in their past that was cringeworthy at the time, but with a little distance and time the mistake shows itself to have paid off in the end. Maybe it gave you clarity on your career path, or taught you what not to do in that next situation, or just helped you learn a little bit more about yourself – and after a while, you realize you’re glad you made that mistake.

Well, celebrities are no different, and some of the biggest names in Hollywood had to stumble a little bit on the way to the top. Stars including Gabrielle Union, Rachel Brosnahan, Issa Rae and Kristin Chenoweth shared their surprising and candid insight on what they had to learn from to become the successful women in the industry they are today. Especially in Hollywood, where women in the industry are calling Time’s Up on gender inequality (among other things) and demanding an equal voice in representation, female celebrities are more empowered than ever to share their insights from coming up through the ranks.

From a hard-learned lesson on the importance of being prepared from Gabrielle Union to how realizing that she had to be true to her own vision skyrocketed Issa Rae to the success she has had with Insecure; from following your heart to a project rather than following the money and having that pay off in the long run; from actively seeking out and having difficult conversations in order to get what you need; some of your favorite stars are opening up and giving you an inside look at what they had to overcome to get where they are today, and encouraging you to make a mistake of your own in order to get ahead.

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