'Star Wars' Falls Short of Record

“The Phantom Menace” grossed $61.8 million in its opening weekend, falling far short of the record $72.1 million debut of “The Lost World: Jurassic Park,” estimates showed. Since its release on May 19, the “Star Wars” prequel has amassed $102.8 million, a spectacular number for any other film but short of some expectations for this eagerly awaited space adventure. It did shatter other records, however: It earned the highest single-day and opening-day grosses ($28.5 million on Wednesday) and reached $100 million in box office sales faster than any other movie in history (five days versus six for “Lost World”). The only other big film opening last weekend, “The Love Letter,” struggled in its debut, earning $2.6 million over the Friday to Sunday weekend for fifth place. “The Mummy” was second, “Entrapment” third and “The Matrix” fourth.

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