The force is definitely with them

The force is definitely with the Children’s Hospital L.A..

As part of their #ForceforChange initiative, which inspires people to make a positive impact in the lives of others, the cast and crew behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens (in theaters Dec. 18) visited the hospital earlier this month.

The event saw appearances from R2-D2, a group of stormtroopers and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker, himself!)

The Children’s Hospital transformed into a new world, turning the young patients into Padawans, with the film’s key characters roaming the halls and meeting their pint-sized fans throughout the day.

“Feeling the pure joy and exuberance of those children up close and personal is a gift to cherish,” Hamill wrote on Facebook.

Although the video footage is of the Los Angeles event, #ForceforChange has also put on several events at other children’s hospitals across the U.S., according to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ official Facebook page.