The team aims to raise $3 million to outfit a workspace for the 16-month project

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 15, 2015 07:30 PM
Richard Taylor and Jim Dow

After a lifetime of service, the original prop for the Star Trek‘s U.S.S. Enterprise was purchased by an anonymous billionaire in 2006 and retired from the public eye, depriving Trekkies everywhere of the opportunity to see the ship.

But good news is always just over the (event) horizon. The prop team behind the original Enterprise is getting back together to raise funds to build a brand-new ship – 50 percent larger than the original, but otherwise a perfect replica – to tour the world. (And this is going to be a big ship – look at the scale of the original in these pictures.)

Richard Taylor (who designed the Enterprise), Jim Down (who built the ship) and Paul Olsen (who painted the model) were first brought together in 1978 by Paramount. The group aims to raise $3 million to outfit an L.A. workspace and undertake the 16-month project. Fans can donate via the group’s website, with varying levels of donations being granted different rewards, like exclusive access to events starring the Enterprise.

“The Starship Enterprise is arguably the most renowned and loved movie icon in the history of film and she deserves to be reborn while we’re still alive and kicking to do it,” Olsen said in a statement.

Fun fact: Richard Branson named his first rocket after the Enterprise, and NASA named the first space shuttle after Star Trek‘s ship as well.

The best part of the group’s statement: “Once finished, the Starship will tour the world, taking in conventions and fan events wherever there is demand. She will also be available for hire.” (Emphasis ours.)

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