Star Jones on Gastric Bypass: 'It Saved My Life'

On her show, the former View co-host talks about the pain of public scrutiny

Photo: Matthew Jordan Smith

After finally confirming in a magazine essay this summer that she’d had gastric bypass surgery in 2003, Star Jones Reynolds broached the topic on camera Wednesday, telling a guest on her CourtTV show that the procedure was necessary for her survival – despite the unflattering publicity she endured over it.

“I say with all sincerity, the surgery saved my life,” the former View co-host, 45, said during a segment about “weight loss anger.” “It started me on a journey of health. But sitting down with a therapist and getting into my own head, and unlocking doors that I had shut forever, that also saved my life.”

But it came at a cost, she said. “It hurts my feelings to think that people never came up to me and said, ‘You don’t need to gain any more weight’ but they sure as heck will say, ‘You don’t need to lose any more,’ ” she said.

Let Haters Hate

Addressing her guest, a woman dealing with her own weight-loss issues, including criticism from other women, Jones Reynolds said: “Let the haters hate, girl, that’s what they do. If you wake up and you got 20 haters, be mad because you need 20 more.”

Jones Reynolds confirmed in a first-person essay in September’s Glamour that she’d had the surgery, having previously admitted only to having had a “medical intervention.”

Explaining her reluctance to do so earlier, she wrote, “The complete truth is, I was scared of what people might think of me.”

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