The former View cohost says she "enjoyed celebrity" more than she should have

Star Jones-Reynolds, who was asked to leave The View in June, is owning up to her reputation as a diva – and says she’s learning from her mistakes.

“I’ve earned that diva image. It’s not something that I can hide from,” she tells TV’s Extra in an interview set to air Tuesday. “I admit sometimes I have enjoyed the celebrity more than I should have. It was well-earned, but it’s softened now.”

During her tenure on The View, Reynolds developed a reputation for engaging in shameless self-promotion and wanting free products – particularly during her over-the-top wedding to Al Reynolds in November 2004.

Indeed, she told PEOPLE in July that she “believed the hype” about herself. “I was on a hit show, doing (ads for) Payless; I was getting my health together; I met Al. I started to think, ‘Oooo, I got it going on!’ Now I know: Everything I had was a gift.”

Jones, who wrote the self-help memoir Shine: A Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love, says she is changing her ways.

“I am rejoicing in learning from my mistakes and missteps and trips and falls,” she tells Extra. “I’ve learned that sometimes modesty and humility shows the most strength and courage. That’s the Star that you see right now.”

Though Reynolds says she hasn’t spoken to any of her former View cohosts, she recently did receive some holiday cheer from the show’s youngest member, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “I’m sure that everybody has gone on with their lives and I’ve gone on with mine,” says Reynolds. “I get some sweet, wonderful cards from Elisabeth all the time I got the cutest Christmas card.

In terms of her career, Reynolds announced last week her plans to host a three-hour radio program for the Radio One broadcasting network, which is airing this week.