Star Broker Busted, Round II

Dana Giacchetto, 37, a Wall Street broker to the stars (until he was indicted last week for fraud), was jailed in New York last night after he was busted for trying to skip town. Giacchetto was caught with 80 airline tickets (to such destinations as Rome, Singapore and Tokyo), $4,000 in small bills and an altered passport, say reports. Last week, Giacchetto, who was one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s party pals and who handled money for Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, the rock band Phish and other celebrities, was charged with stealing $6 million from his clients. His attorney told the judge that Giacchetto hoped to start a new career as a Hollywood agent. Last night, before another magistrate, Giacchetto said he was on his way to Rome to propose marriage to his girlfriend. The judge answered for her: No. Giacchetto’s $1 million bail was revoked and he’s now in the pokey.

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