By Caitlin O'toole
Updated July 08, 1998 12:00 AM

If you’re looking to own a piece of the ’60s TV series “Star Trek,” you don’t have to look any further than Christie’s, which is auctioning off pairs of Spock’s (Leonard Nimoy) trademark ears next month. According to Christie’s, the famous pointy ears, which are expected to fetch up to $2,000 a pair, were made with a cast of Nimoy’s own ears, and make-up artist Fred Phillips manipulated the shape until he found one that looked convincing on camera. In addition to the Vulcan ears, the original jeltrate and clay mold used to make them is also being auctioned off. The mold is expected to rake in upwards of $20,000. Also on the auction block: Captain Kirk’s (William Shatner) head. Described by Christie’s as “Captain Kirk, frozen in time, and exactly in his prime,” the only plaster mask made for Shatner’s face is expected to bring in some $6,000. Aside from their aesthetic value and cult appeal, Christie’s says the collectibles are of tremendous significance because “in the early days of ‘Star Trek,’ there wasn’t much of a budget for anything, and it is a testament to the creative brilliance of the makeup and effects people that the late 1960s show had such a good look to it.”