'Spin City': Sheen Hosts Fox

The new guy on ABC’s “Spin City” sure knows how to win friends. PEOPLE reports that Charlie Sheen, who’s taking over the lead of the hit ABC sitcom (now that former star Michael J. Fox is focusing on the fight against Parkinson’s disease), told fellow cast members to feel free to use his custom-designed bus as “the ‘Spin City’ clubhouse.” Sheen even plays host when he’s not on the lot, leaving the vehicle parked at the studio for everyone to use. This isn’t just any bus, reports PEOPLE, but a $1.5 million custom-designed vehicle with a full-sized master bedroom, two baths and three satellite TVs turned to ESPN. Already having taken up Sheen on the kindly offer to stop by is one of the show’s executive producers, Michael J. Fox. He reportedly schmoozed with Sheen for an hour.

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