Spielberg's Next Movie

He passed on filming the Harry Potter books, but, at last, Steven Spielberg — who won the best director Oscar for his last film, “Saving Private Ryan” — has announced his next project. He plans to take up where revered moviemaker Stanley Kubrick left off. Spielberg will begin production on “A.I.” in July for summer 2001 release, he said in a statement released yesterday. “A.I.” is a science fiction epic about artificial intelligence that Kubrick was working on at the time of his death one year ago. In fact, Kubrick, who was a notoriously slow worker (his final movie, last year’s “Eyes Wide Shut,” took more than two years to film), had supposedly been working on “A.I.” for nearly two decades. “Stanley had a vision for this project that was evolving over 18 years,” said Spielberg. “I am intent on bringing to the screen as much of that vision as possible along with elements of my own.” No word yet on who will star.

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