Spielberg Surgery

Steven Spielberg is in his Southern California home recuperating today following the removal of one of his kidneys after doctors found what they called an “irregularity” on the organ. “A complete recovery is promised, and no follow-up treatment is necessary,” said a terse statement from the director’s spokesman, Marvin Levy. Spielberg’s mother told NBC News that the medical procedure was done at Los Angeles’s Cedars-Sinai Hospital over the weekend, and the Oscar-winning patient was released Monday. Levy said the abnormality was discovered during a routine medical examination. (Kidneys are usually removed due to cysts, diabetic complications or, most frequently, cancerous growths, and patients can lead normal lives with only one.) Spielberg, 53, appeared to be healthy at the Golden Globes ceremony Jan. 23. Levy indicated that the filmmaker’s future projects would proceed as planned.

  • In related news, an Iranian-born, 20-something poseur who is passing himself off as Steven Spielberg’s nephew has been arrested for the third time in a month for his allegedly elaborate impersonation. Police in Fairfax, Va., say that Tehran native Anoushirvan D. Fakhran changed his name to Jonathan Taylor Spielberg 2 1/2 years ago, and he could be deported if convicted of a felony fraud charge. A would-be filmmaker, Fakhran is known to flash money around, drive a BMW with a “SPLBERG” vanity license plate and pepper his conversation with remarks about “Uncle Steven.”
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