Spielberg Says No

It’s official: Steven Spielberg has turned down the pleas of Warner Bros. to direct the fantastic Harry Potter franchise, which may generate as many as seven movies. The Oscar winner let the studio — and Harry fans — down gently. “I have every certainty that the series of ‘Harry Potter’ movies will be phenomenally successful. J.K. Rowling’s vision of Harry Potter is modern genius,” Spielberg said in a statement issued Tuesday. “However, at this time, my directorial interests are taking me in another direction.” Variety reports that Brad Silberling, Jonathan Demme, Chris Columbus, Mike Newell, Rob Reiner and Tim Robbins are now the directors whose names are being tossed about to handle Harry, whose first movie adventure is expected to be a big summer 2001 release. As for Spielberg, there’s been no official word on what his next project will be, though there has been talk of his directing “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise.

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