By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 08, 2002 10:00 AM

It’s been a frightening week as far as stalking celebrities has been concerned. Meg Ryan was forced to obtain a restraining order against a man who had told police he was her husband, and security at Britney Spears’s Hollywood Hills home was breached when the residence received an unwanted visit from a curious stranger. Now, Steven Spielberg, 55, has requested — and was granted — a restraining order against Christopher Richard Hahn, 30, of Saskatchewan, Canada, who was ordered to stay away from the filmmaker for three years after he was jailed for trespassing at Spielberg’s office, reports the Associated Press. Hahn, who claimed that he only wanted to be in the movies, must also steer clear of Spielberg’s family, home and workplace. The restraining order (which demands that Hahn must keep a distance of at least 150 yards) stems from his Jan. 11 arrest at the DreamWorks SKG studio in Studio City, Calif. Authorities said that he tried to break into Spielberg’s office in order to meet him. Upon arrest, according to court records, Hahn provided a phony name and birthday and claimed to have been an extra in “Ocean’s Eleven” and on the TV show “Third Watch.” The documents went on to say that Hahn told the guard who stopped him that he’d been on the property at least 20 times before and would do anything to get into the movies. Hahn, charged with misdemeanor trespassing and providing false information to a law officer, pleaded no contest. For his showbiz aspirations, he was sentenced to two months in jail and three years probation. “I am not a violent person,” he said, according to the AP, claiming that he never threatened anyone or intended any harm. “My only objective was to make contacts in the movie industry.”