"To see a smile on a kid's face, you can't put a price on it," Edmonton Oilers Captain Andrew Ference said

Mable is a very brave 6-year-old. The young girl was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in Sept. 2013, and has been undergoing extensive treatment for the disease. While in the hospital, she developed a love of Spider-Man comics from the 1960s.

Mable’s devotion to Spidey meant that the Children’s Wish Foundation had their work cut out for them. The charity organization doubled down on Mable’s wish, and the city of Edmonton, Canada, came together Monday to help transform Mable into “Spider-Mable” and give her an appropriately heroic day.

Mable’s day started off when a newscast informed her that Oilers captain Andrew Ference was in danger and needed her help.

Arriving at City Hall for a meeting with Mayor Don Iveson, Mable was greeted by Spider-Man, who told her that he’d flown in from New York to lend her a hand.

Spider-Mable proceeded to the Edmonton Police station, where she was briefed further on the situation.

Mable’s continuing adventures throughout the day involved a zip-line across a water park to save Black Cat

and a quick chat with the press to update them on search’s progress.

Mable discovered Ference’s kidnapper, Mysterio, at the Edmonton Valley Zoo and dispatched the villain with copious amounts of silly silly string before freeing the hockey star.

“Look at her, she’s just so cool,” Ference told GLobal News. “Having kids of my own, to see a smile on a kid’s face, you can’t put a price on it; especially somebody who’s gone through a pretty tough time like her.”

Mable celebrated her triumph with a party at the zoo’s otter room, and Tuesday night, she’ll drop the puck when the Oilers square off against the Arizona Coyotes.

If the saga of Spider-Mable looks familiar to you, you might be recalling Miles Scott’s turn as BatKid towards the end of 2013. Read PEOPLE’s coverage of Batkid’s big day out here.