Speaker-Elect Admits Affairs

U.S. House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston admitted that he had had affairs while a member of Congress and may offer to resign as Speaker, a Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, reported on Thursday night. Livingston, 55, confessed to the newspaper that he had “on occasion strayed from my marriage,” and Republican sources told Roll Call he would offer to resign during a party meeting on Thursday night. The newspaper said another member of the House leadership, Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas, would defend Livingston and urge that he not be asked to step down. Republicans attending the meeting said they were stunned to hear of the report.

  • In other news from Washington, on Thursday night Hillary Rodham Clinton put to rest rumors that she is distancing herself from her allegedly unfaithful husband. At a White House holiday gathering of some 300 guests, including guitarist Eric Clapton and several Special Olympics athletes, the First Lady said: “At this time I am particularly proud to introduce a man who shares the values that we are celebrating here tonight — my husband, my partner and our president.” Her words and his entrance prompted a standing ovation from the audience.
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