March 25, 1998 12:00 AM

“American Beauty” Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, 41, has prevailed over an alleged “cybersquatter” in an Internet domain-name dispute involving, reports the Associated Press. The dispute, settled by the National Arbitration Forum, pitted Spacey against John Zuccarini, of Andalusia, Penn. Zuccarini reportedly has been the subject of several complaints and lawsuits involving domain names. During the proceedings, Zuccarini admitted to making nearly $1 million a year with domain names that include Gwyneth Paltrow, Ricky Martin and Britney Spears. In its decision, the Forum said that even though this particular domain name misspelled Spacey, it still stood to benefit from the actor’s name. Ads are apparently so ld on the site. The arbitrator who handled the case ordered that the domain name be transferred to the real Spacey. Zuccarini did not file a response in the proceeding and was unavailable for comment.

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