"I'm just glad to have her still in our lives," Bruce Smith tells PEOPLE

By Michelle Boudin
April 18, 2016 01:15 PM

On October 15, 2015, a semi-truck slammed into 43-year-old Tammy Smith.

The nurse and mother of 11 from Johnson, South Carolina, suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, a collapsed lung and was in a vegetative state until Thanksgiving.

Doctors weren’t sure she would survive, so when she finally opened her eyes and said her husband s name, it was an incredibly emotional moment.

Now, after months of intense rehabilitation, Tammy is back home, and her devoted husband of 24 years, Bruce Smith, is not taking a single moment for granted.

Tammy Smith's recovery process

“Every day is still a challenge, but somehow we ve been given the opportunity for healing, Bruce, 47, tells PEOPLE.

While Bruce helped care for Tammy, who was in the hospital until mid-January, their community rallied around all their kids. The oldest is 23. The youngest, Faith, is not even two yet.

The Smith children

“It’s taking 17 people to do what she was doing by herself – getting the kids to all of their activities. It’s been amazing to watch,” Bruce told PEOPLE in December.

Now, the family is focused on having Tammy back at home.

“The kids are doing awesome. They ve had to adjust. We all have,” Bruce says.

Courtesy The Smith Family

After suffering such a serious brain injury, Tammy lost the last two years of her memory, which means she has no recollection of her youngest child, Faith.

“She couldn t remember having her, and Faith is a very independent baby, Bruce says. “So that s made it a little difficult, but we pulled out a photo album and assured her this is her baby.”

Bruce says he s finding joy in the small moments he and Tammy share together. They now take regular walks. She leans on him, literally, as they circle their neighborhood. It’s something he couldn’t imagine doing just a few short months ago.

Bruce and Tammy
Courtesy The Smith Family

“She goes a few feet alone, but walking long distances she needs me. We do half mile walks down the street. She holds my arm and it s kinda nice that we get to walk together alone,” he says.

Bruce and Tammy
Courtesy The Smith Family

Tammy is still recovering from her brain injury and doctors have told them they don t know yet what brain functions will return.

“She has concerns about whether or not she ll get better, but as far as I m concerned, even as she is, it s good enough,” he says. “I m just glad to have her still in our lives.”