Kultilda Woods is concerned for Elin and her grandchildren. Plus, Tiger's lonely holiday ahead

By Steve Helling
Updated December 18, 2009 02:50 PM
Credit: Benassi/Splash News Online

Even the most protective mom can find fault with her cub, and Kultilda Woods is furious with her Tiger, a family friend tells PEOPLE.

“[She] is hurt, angry and disappointed in Tiger,” the friend says. “She wants to know how he could do this to his family.”

But the elder Woods hasn’t turned her back on her famous son, according to the source: “She loves him and will support him through anything, but she needs some time to work through this.”

“It was devastating to her. She likes Elin, and adores her grandchildren. She’s worried about them. She doesn’t want to see them hurt,” says the family friend.

Kultilda, who reportedly dealt with infidelity in her marriage to Tiger’s dad, Earl Woods, lives in California. But she often spends weeks at a time with Elin and Tiger, and has grown close to her daughter-in-law – who has now consulted a top divorce attorney.

Lonely Holiday

According to the source, Woods is staying with a friend and preparing to spend the holidays on his 135-foot yacht, named Privacy. “He needs to clear his head for a while,” says the friend. “He needs to process everything.”
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Woods will have plenty of time to think things through. He’s taking an indefinite hiatus from golf, resulting in lost endorsements, tournament winnings and appearance fees.

“He’s devastated about everything he has lost,” says the friend. “He’ll go through some dark times. It’s going to be a lonely Christmas for him.”