Source: Samantha Is Sick of Lohan Drama

A friend of the Ronson family says they're worried Lindsay will do "something crazy"

No more drama: That is Samantha Ronson’s philosophy, according to sources close to the celebrity deejay, who recently spilt from girlfriend Lindsay Lohan.

“Lindsay is extremely protective and jealous and needs an enormous amount of attention, and it’s stressful for the world to be watching them,” a source close to the Ronson family tells PEOPLE. In terms of the high-profile breakup, “[Samantha] takes it pretty good – she acts tougher than she is. She just wants the drama to end.”

Though Ronson’s family is hoping this latest split will be for good, the pair’s close social circle makes the separation that much more difficult, says the source. “Both Samantha and Lindsay could use a break and since there is so much crossover with their friends, it’s been hard. Their lives are so intertwined.”

Lohan’s Personality Sparks Concern

As for the Ronson family’s inquiries into obtaining a restraining order – which did not involve Samantha herself – the family source says they are worried about Lohan’s fiery personality. “They wanted to know what their options were if she does something crazy,” says the source. “Lindsay can be a loose cannon.”

Still, another source close to Ronson says that the deejay is protective of Lohan and doesn’t want to jump on “the anti-Lindsay bandwagon.”

“Sam broke up with Lindsay, but it doesn’t mean she hates her or wants to see her hurt any worse than she is,” says the source. “She is over Lindsay and over all the drama, but still, she refuses to trash-talk her. She just wants to walk away gracefully.”

As for Lohan, she has been spending time with family and friends. On Thursday night she was spotted at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood where she sipped on water and appeared in high spirits, smiling and laughing with a large group of pals.

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