Source: Jon Gosselin Didn't Start Dating Until After Divorce Filing

The "heartbroken" TV husband took up with Hailey Glassman only after marriage collapsed


When Hailey Glassman arrived at her parents home in New City, N.Y., on May 4 for an early Mother’s Day surprise, she had a surprise of her own: Jon Gosselin, star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, was staying there.

Why? Gosselin, 32, a family friend since Hailey’s father, plastic surgeon Lawrence Glassman, performed Kate Gosselin’s tummy tuck operation following the birth of her sextuplets, was trying to escape the tensions at the home he shared with Kate in Wernersville, Pa.

According to a source close to Jon Gosselin, “Jon was heartbroken, totally heartbroken. Kate told him to take a hike.”

‘Kate Was Done’

The source says Jon and Hailey, already acquaintances, began their romance only after Kate filed for divorce on June 20.

According to the source. although the public did not know it, Jon and Kate actually split up late last year: “She said she wanted her life. She said she was done. It came out of the blue.”

Soon afterwards, Jon moved out of the couple’s bedroom and slept elsewhere in the house – and started going out to clubs and bars.

New Life in New York

Reporters spotted him out with 23-year-old teacher Deanna Hummel last spring, but there was never an affair between the two, the Jon source insists. As the trouble at home grew unavoidable, Jon moved out of the main house and into the apartment above the Gosselin’s three-car garage.

Today, Jon and Kate talk to each other only about their kids, the source says. And now that Jon has rented an apartment in New York City, says the source, expect to see Glassman and Gosselin spending time together in Manhattan.

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