Source: Jesse James Has Moved On

Sandra Bullock's ex is settling into his new Austin digs – and his new romance with Kat Von D

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Jesse James is entering a new phase of his life.

“It sure looks like he’s moved on,” a James insider tells PEOPLE about the motorcycle mogul, who is settling into his new relationship with Kat Von D and his new home in Austin, Texas. “It doesn’t look like he’s hiding anything now.”

Just two months after his divorce from Sandra Bullock was finalized in an Austin courtroom, James’s self-professed broken heart looks to be on the mend. He was initially cautious about going public with his romance with the L.A. Ink star, says the source, and he asked Von D to remove a Tweet confirming that the two were dating after they were spotted having dinner together in Las Vegas on Aug. 14.

But then the couple spent the last two weekends together. On Aug. 29, James, 41, was seen with Von D, 28, in Texas on a motorcycle road trip that included smooching, handholding and antique shopping in the quaint tourist town of Fredericksburg.

Later, James accompanied Von D to Sept. 2’s very public opening of her Wonderland gallery in West Hollywood and spent the rest of the Labor Day weekend out with her.

“My guess is that he’s realizing he won’t get another chance with Sandra and has given up on that,” says the source. “[Jesse and Kat] have known each other for a while. I think the opportunity presented itself with neither of them being involved with anyone and it happened.”

Shopping for Household Items

In Texas, the tattooed pair did some shopping for James’s new Austin digs, located on several acres approximately 20 miles from his famous ex’s lakefront property. “He really likes his new house,” says the source.

James, who’s managing his custom-car outfit Austin Speed Shop, is also finding an easy routine at the local school where his children are now enrolled.

“Most of the parents don’t even know who he is,” says a source. “He is like any other parent.”

With reporting by ANNE LANG

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