While those Grammy people did their thing on the West Coast, HBO’s popular mobsters, “The Sopranos,” threw a family reunion Wednesday night at New York’s cavernous Radio City Music Hall for more than 2,000 of their closest friends, celebrating the series’ third season premiere. “I think it’s amazing that all these people came out here,” actress Lorraine Bracco told PEOPLE. Her character’s psychotherapy work with Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) on the show — which returns to the air on March 4 — is far from over, she promised. “We have a lot of sessions in the next episodes.” Vincent Pastore, who played conflicted henchman Big Pussy (who got bumped off at the end of last season and is now slated to return in a dream sequence, according to reports) can’t wait for the season to start again. “This is going to kick ass!” For many cast members, the bash at Radio City was filled with exuberance — and a touch of sadness at the thought of actress Nancy Marchand, who played Soprano matriarch Livia and who, in real life, died last year. “Tonight’s a very exciting night,” Michael Imperioli, who plays Soprano nephew Christopher, said of the screening. “But it’s also bittersweet to see Nancy and to remember her. She’s missed.” Dominic Chianese, who plays Uncle Junior, echoed the same sentiment. “Nancy,” he said, “it was very hard for us. We’re still dealing with it.”