By Stephen M. Silverman And Liza Hamm
Updated December 09, 2002 01:20 PM

“The Sopranos” may have ended its fourth season Sunday night — with Carmela and Tony splitting up — but that doesn’t mean its cast members will be sitting on their duffs until the new (and, reportedly, final) season rolls around sometime next year.

On Tuesday’s episode of the ABC daytime soap “All My Children,” Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who plays Soprano daughter Meadow, will appear playing herself as a guest on “AMC” regular Kelly Ripa’s fictional talk show, “The Wave,” PEOPLE reports.

Ripa, 32, when not shooting “AMC,” moonlights on “Live with Regis & Kelly,” and Sigler will actually be promoting her real-life current stint in the Broadway stage version of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” (She plays Belle.)

As Sigler, 21, tells PEOPLE, “Kelly’s character is trying to embark on a talk-show career, so they approached me to be one of her guests on the show. It’s an easy job playing yourself and answering questions that you’re used to answering. I kinda have lines. They’re a couple of mob jokes that they threw in there. It’s a loose script so there’s not too much pressure.”

Well, there was some pressure. “My mother was excited,” explains Sigler, “because it’s her soap opera. She’s been watching for as long as I can remember.”

Ripa and Sigler had never met before but instantly bonded between takes. “We were talking about knitting,” Ripa says. “We’re both knitting now and I just finished a cashmere scarf for my husband (‘All My Children’ actor Mark Consuelos). She just finished one for her fiance (manager A.J. Discala). We were talking about casting on and binding off, which is the bane of a knitter’s existence.”