In other news of the Royal Family: Sophie Rhys-Jones, having been labeled independent, will be organizing her wedding to Prince Edward by herself after telling the Queen: “I’ll do it my way” — or so says the British tabloid the Sun. Sophie, the paper says, “has rejected an offer (to have) royal officials take over the arrangements. Sophie wants complete control over her big day, and the decision — which she talked over with Edward — means she can keep the June 19 wedding a ‘family day’ rather than have it turned into a state occasion.” Added the Sun: “She will have the final say on everything, from the guest list to the food at the reception.”

  • “One aspect she won’t have to worry about is the cost of the ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor,” the Sun notes. Queen Elizabeth will be footing that bill. And just how high is that expected to climb? Approximately $1.75 million, which includes security in and around the castle. As for the guest list, the Sun says, “Only 500 were expected to be invited, but Sophie and Edward can increase that number to 700. Sophie has been determined to make sure her friends and family are not left out in favor of foreign royals and other dignitaries.”
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