Sophie Settles In

“Sophie Rhys-Jones has brought her bachelor girl life to an end and secretly moved into Buckingham Palace,” revealed Britain’s Daily Mail. The royal bride-to-be has her own suite of rooms near Prince Edward’s second-floor apartment. “Her decision,” the Mail says, “reveals that in one aspect at least Sophie, who intends to be a thoroughly modern Princess and carry on working, is a dedicated follower of royal tradition. Both Lady Diana Spencer and Sarah Ferguson moved into the Palace immediately after their engagements to Prince Charles and Prince Andrew were announced.” And like the royal brides before her, police protection is now on hand for Sophie.

  • In other news of the royal couple, the two reportedly are set to snub the Archbishop of Canterbury and break 150 years of royal matrimonial tradition by being wed by a trendy vicar, reports London’s Times. The vicar, “renowned for dropping marital advice from the pulpit such as ‘don’t read each others’ post,'” said the Times, is David Connor, 47, the new Dean of Windsor. A source says: “The Dean is no ancient fuddy-duddy. He’s a teeny-bopper. With this guy, you can talk about things you’d really talk about. He’s clued up.”
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