It may be an unfair competition, but it “appears unlikely that Sophie Rhys-Jones will become the trendsetter the late Diana, Princess of Wales once was,” Britain’s Daily Mail has already commented. The paper writes that at London designer Tomasz Starzewski’s shop — “a haunt of such incongruous clients as Baroness (Margaret) Thatcher and the Duchess of York” — the off-the-rack suit Sophie wore when she stood beside Prince Edward for the announcement of their engagement little more than a month ago “is now selling for half price — a mere 550 pounds” (just over $800). Sales of the demure Starzewski creation “failed to take off in the way the designer had hoped,” says the Mail, “even at this price.”

  • In other news of a royal nature, Prince William is now going off the deep end … by taking up a very unregal sport: deep-sea diving. According to The Sunday Telegraph, “Wills has started training in the swimming pool at Eton and hopes to attain his first divers’ badge by the end of this term.” The paper quoted the school’s diving officer (who, incidentally, doubles as a chemistry teacher) as saying, “We start them off in the indoor pool, then they progress to the outer pool. When they’re fully trained, we let them loose in the Red Sea.”
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