7-Year-Old Girl Born Without Arms Uses Her Feet to Eat, Write and Ride a Bike: 'Don't Let Anyone Stop You'

Sophi Green's disability hasn't stopped her from completing everyday activities independently


Like other 7 year olds, Sophi Green writes her school assignments, paints her nails and washes up before dinner – but she does it all with her feet.

Sophi was born without arms, but her parents, Christianne and Jeremy Green, a Utah couple who adopted the little girl from China when she was 2, quickly realized that her disability wasn’t going to stop her.

“I remember when we had just adopted her and we got Sophi her first ice cream cone. I was ready to feed it to her and I held it out and she just snatched it up with her little foot and started eating it all by herself,” Christianne told Barcroft Media. “We were just completely amazed and knew from that point that she could just do anything.”

The couple has adopted seven children with special needs in addition to having three biological children. While they were in the process of adopting Sophi’s older sister Lexie, who is blind, they knew they couldn’t leave Sophi behind.

“Sophi had these beautiful big eyes and we actually noticed these before even thinking about the fact she didn t have arms,” Christianne said. “We just knew that she needed a family.”

With some adjustments, such as changing door knobs to handles so Sophi can open them with her chin, Sophi can do anything other 7 years old can do. She writes, eats, brushes her teeth, washes her hair and rides a bike using her feet.

There are some struggles. Sophi’s balance is unsteady, and if she falls she can’t catch herself with her arms. She also faced some odd stares and questions when she started school, but her parents have helped her bring humor to her disability.

“We ve taught her to give fun and creative answers if she s in an uncomfortable situation,” Christianne said. “One things she gets asked a lot is ‘Why don t you have arms?’ and sometimes she ll say, ‘A bear ate them,’ or, ‘A shark ate them,’ and they ll laugh and it diffuses the situation a bit.”

However, there are still time when Sophi feels down.

“When people make hurtful comments or stare a lot she typically shuts down and there have been a few tears where she has to cuddle up and she’s said, “I just want to be able to do things the same way as other children,’ but as time has gone by she s gotten more confident and doesn t let it bother her as much,” Christianne said.

Sophi has many friends now and is also is close to her family. She loves to dance while her older brother Connor plays the piano and she has a special bond with her biological sister Lexie.

“They are so cute together,” Christianne said. “Lexie acts as the arms and Sophi acts as the eyes.”

Sophi hopes her story will inspire others to adopt from overseas and encourage people to overcome their obstacles.

“Don t let anyone stop you from doing something you really love,” Sophi said.

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