I've had a complete new appreciation for women in general," says the new mom

By Jesse Curti
Updated November 11, 2008 01:30 PM
Credit: INF

Christina Aguilera cites the birth of her son Max as the biggest inspiration for the title song of her new album, Keeps Gettin’ Better – A Decade of Hits.

Max gave her “a new sense of life, a new way of looking at myself,” the singer tells Entertainment Tonight Canada.

“I talk about being a super girl in the song ‘Keeps Getting Better’ and really that’s due in great deal to the fact that I’ve had a complete new appreciation for women in general, for what we’re capable of doing, of what our bodies are capable of undergoing, and creating since the Jan. 12 birth of her son with husband Jordan Bratman.

When faced with the responsibilities of being a full-time mama, Aguilera, 27, invokes a Wonder Woman mentality.

“Absolutely, that’s part of it – that’s super girl. The do-it-all female, it’s just I have a great appreciation for my mother … it’s amazing the patience involved.

But Aguilera vows not to walk away from what she loves to do for Max s sake.

It’s very important to me as a mother to not lose sight of who I was before becoming a mother. I want to share with my son, what I’m passionate about, what I was about before he was born.