On the eve of turning 18, Sofia Richie lamented on social media about her not-so-happy birthday

By Dave Quinn
Updated August 24, 2016 11:15 AM
Nicholas Hunt/Getty

Sofie Richie may be enjoying her “love-fest” with beau Justin Bieber, but so far, her 18th birthday isn’t going that well.

The young model celebrates her milestone birthday Wednesday. But as she told her social media followers, it’s been a rough going so far.

Despite getting together with friends for a birthday dinner late Tuesday, the daughter of Lionel Richie and Diana Alexander Richie started the day on tougher terms – sharing a picture from inside a doctor’s office to her Shapchat account.

“Of course I’m sick [the] day before my birthday,” she wrote on the picture. “Anything else want to go wrong?”

Richie continued her complaints on Instagram, lamenting how much she misses her older brother Miles Richie while sharing a sweet selfie of the two.

“I am turning 18 tonight people!!!! Words don’t describe how much I miss my bob,” she wrote, of her 22-year-old brother. “18 doesn’t feel right without you.”

She added: “Thank you for never turning your back on me and always being my rock. Come home so I can have a hug and feel right again. So blessed to have someone like you in my life @bobbyskallywags.”

For his part, Miles appeared to do everything he could to cheer his little sister up, sending her a loving message of his own on Instagram.

“Happy almost bday to my beautiful little shmurp of a sister…” he said. “I love you more then anything and I hope u have a great f—ing bday filled with debauchery.”

“My Life would be pointless without u,” he revealed. “Love u shlave.”

Of course, one person who won’t be sharing a birthday message for Richie on Instagram anytime soon is Bieber.

He recently deactivated his Instagram account days after shooting back at some of his fans for their negative comments towards Richie.

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To her credit, Richie appeared to laugh off the drama days later, giggling with a friend on Snapchat over tabloid reports.

Richie and pal Chloe Bartoli even sang along to Bieber’s new track with DJ Snake – “Let Me Love You” – on Snapchat, while out on a “day of fun.”

Here’s hoping she finds more of that joy on her big day.