The Marie-Antoinette director says she's busy heating bottles for baby Romy

By Laura Hahn and Jeffrey Slonim
Updated March 07, 2007 04:30 PM

Marie-Antoinette director Sofia Coppola has a new princess in her life: daughter Romy, born in Paris in November.

“It’s a whole new experience,” Coppola, 35, told PEOPLE of being a mom at Tuesday’s New York City premiere of The Namesake. “It’s exciting.”

Coppola braved Manhattan’s bitter winds to attend the screening of director Mira Nair’s latest film with Romy’s dad, French singer Thomas Mars.

But most of the time, she’s at home with Romy. Motherhood is “great,” she said. “Right now I’m focusing on that. The baby is only three months old. It’s a lot of heating bottles, so that’s what I do all day.”

Coppola, who was previously married to director Spike Jonze, met Mars met when he recorded a song with the band Air for her 1999 movie The Virgin Suicides.

She told USA Today in October that she was looking forward to having a daughter: “It’s so fun to have little girl stuff.”

So now that she’s been a mom for three months, does she have her new role down pat? “No, I don’t think anyone has it down pat!” she said. “It’s definitely a new adventure.”