Kate-Madonna Hindes shared her search for her birth mother on Facebook, and got results just 24 hours later
Credit: Facebook

With the help of Facebook, Kate-Madonna Hindes finally tracked down the woman who gave her life.

Hindes, 34, was born on Oct. 16, 1981, in Illinois and adopted by Dan and Mary Alice. She never met her birth mother, and hadn’t really tried to track her down.

But, following multiple battles with cervical cancer, and learning of her proclivity toward both breast and anal cancer, Hindes decided it was time, she told Today.

After completing the necessary paperwork, Hindes, who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, received her adoption file from Children’s Home and Aid in Illinois. The file came with an emotional note from mom Aimée and a photo of the then-16-year-old.

“Seeing Aimée’s face changed everything, and I thought that now I have to find her,” Hindes told Today.

The note explained that Sordelli had decided to give Hindes up because she “wanted to make sure you have the best life possible,” and felt unable to provide for her.

In hopes of a connection, Hindes turned to Facebook, sharing the letter and a message about her emotional search in several groups.

Just 24 hours later, Aimé Sordelli, 52, was found.

The mother-daughter duo quickly got in touch, and Sordelli planned a three-day trip to Minnesota on July 22.

“It was very emotional,” Hindes told Today of the reunion. “I just wanted her to feel comfortable and loved.”

Sordelli never had other children, and was also a cancer survivor – just like Hindes.

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Even Hindes’ adoptive parents met Sordelli during a family picnic.

Next up for the newly reunited family? A trip to Chicago, where Hindes will visit Sordelli at her home.

“I can’t wait,” Hindes said.