March 18, 2004 12:00 PM

Another smiling face has been dimmed for good on “Survivor: All-Stars,” when on Wednesday night’s episode of the CBS reality series Ethan Zohn, the last remaining champ from a previous “Survivor” season, got the boot.

“I’ve never had my torch snuffed before, and it would be a different case if I went up there and had my torch snuffed for reasons that I could have controlled,” the 30-year-old soccer player said before departing. “Now, tonight, I had no control over what happened. I fought to the bitter end.”

He went on to say: “It’s not my style to give up, ever, not until the very end, not until my fire was put out. I feel very proud of the way I played, and I feel happy that I played the game my way. I didn’t conform to any other ways of playing, I didn’t change my style, I didn’t change myself. I played the way Ethan plays, and I made it 21 days, halfway, (through the) toughest ‘Survivor’ ever.”

Zohn was the eighth contestant voted off this season.

Since winning his $1 million on “Africa,” the Massachusetts-born Zohn founded “Grassroot Soccer,” a nonprofit organization that trains Africa’s professional soccer players to teach children about HIV/AIDS prevention, and he moved to New York City.

Also during Wednesday’s episode: Mogo Mogo lost both the log-rolling reward challenge and the weapons-heavy immunity challenge to the Chapera tribe, and Chapera members Rob M. and Amber have fallen for one another, which could easily lead to problems later. Stay tuned.

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