Fired General Hospital actress Kari Wuhrer seeks $3 million from ABC

By Stephen M. Silverman
January 13, 2006 08:10 AM

Former General Hospital actress Kari Wuhrer sued ABC on Thursday, alleging that her role on the long-running soap was written out of the series and she was dismissed because she’d become pregnant.

Wuhrer, 38, filed the discrimination and wrongful termination suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court. She is alleging she suffered at least $3 million in damages to her earnings, career and through the cost of emotional distress, and says in her papers that she was terminated for no longer being “sexy” and that “she had no chemistry with her character’s love interest, Sonny Corinthos,” reports The New York Times.

The suit accuses the defendants of sex discrimination, pregnancy-based discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnancy and other allegations.

“We have not been served and we do not comment on pending litigation,” ABC said in a statement.

Wuhrer played Reese Marshall on the daytime program. According to her suit, she notified the writers and producers that she was pregnant in August so they would have time to write her condition into the script. Two weeks later, she says, she was fired.

“The vile underbelly of the Hollywood Machine encourages female actors to be as beautiful and slim as possible,” the suit states, according to the Associated Press. The documents add that an actress who “dares” to become pregnant has one choice: “Terminate her pregnancy or be terminated.”