Courtesy Susan Zalkind
March 05, 2015 03:30 PM

Bostonians are having a rough time lately, and as we’ve covered, some are taking the “snow situation” better than others.

Susan Zalkind, a freelance writer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, describes the chain of events that led her to take to the popular dating app Tinder in search of a different kind of labor.

“I didn’t start to consider taking an unusual course of action until about the second or third big storm, when a stomach bug meant the snow piled up, and the mushy sludge along the side of the car turned into a wall of ice,” she writes in Boston magazine. “My car was at risk of becoming one of those ambiguous-looking mounds.”

So she changed her Tinder profile to read, “Looking for someone to shovel out my car. Nothing complicated, no strings attached, just please shovel out my car. Thanks so much.”

Susan Zalkind's Tinder profile
Courtesy Susan Zalkind

Zalkind‘s plan worked through two different winter storms, though the second gentleman who helped her also happened to be in an “open marriage.”

Regardless, her car is free, and she can now flee from yetis that much more efficiently.

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