Rick Diamond/Wireimage
April 15, 2008 09:35 AM

Taylor Swift may have been the big winner at Monday night’s Country Music Television Awards – but it was Snoop Dogg who stole the show.

The rapper – wearing a black cowboy hat, black duster jacket and black zip-up ankle boots – was in high demand backstage.

Swift grabbed him for photos, saying “I’m a huge fan!” At another point, he and Jason Aldean were spotted comparing cowboy boots. “Snoop said he liked my boots with the square toe and then he said I was a pimp,” boasted Aldean. “That’s got to be the ultimate compliment, when Snoop calls you a pimp.”

So what on earth was the hip-hop star doing at a country awards show? “I actually did a country song on my new album called My Medicine that was inspired by Johnny Cash,” Snoop told PEOPLE at the event. “[Country music] inspires me and it makes me feel so good hearing it, so I really wanted to come and be a part of this heritage.”

Snoop is a huge fan of the Man in Black – thanks, he says, to Cash’s “heart, his soul, his music” – but it seems he still has a bit to learn when it comes to contemporary country crooners.

In the midst of his interview with PEOPLE, the Father Hood star stopped mid-sentence to gape at LeAnn Rimes, who was posing for pictures nearby. “Wow – damn! Who is that?” he asked.

Upon learning her identity, Snoop gushed, “She is beautiful! Wow, wow, wow.”

He then turned to the 25-year-old singer and asked, “Can I meet you?” (She responded, “Nice to meet you, sir.”)

Snoop couldn’t leave before adding one last compliment: “You look like Marilyn Monroe!”

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