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July 23, 2013 12:00 PM

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may have reformed her hard-partying ways, but her temper is still very much intact.

The former Jersey Shore star ripped into residents of Pelican Island, a community within the beach region that put her on the map, after they took action to try and stop her from filming part of the new season of Snooki & JWoww there later this summer.

On Sunday, more than 40 people met at the Pelican Island Property Owners Association meeting, and brainstormed ways they could prevent the pint-sized mama and her crew from filming in their community, which sits just outside of Seaside Heights where the original Jersey Shore was filmed.

In part, they are concerned the filming will thwart efforts to rebuild following Superstorm Sandy, which devastated their tiny island.

The meeting incensed the 25-year-old reality star, who posted a screen shot of Sunday’s story about the gathering on Instagram, along with a message that left little doubt about her feelings.

“Adults are trying to ban my son, fiancé and I from enjoying our summer at the shore. Grow up, get over yourself and move on. This is not how we should be treating one another. Absolutely sick and very sad. I pray for you. There’s much bigger things to worry about in life than trying to ban my family from your neighborhood.”

Her message garnered more than 88,000 “likes” on the photo-sharing service, and was also shared on her Twitter page.

Pelican Island residents who are against the filming claim that the show could attract unwanted attention to a town that still has significant rebuilding to do after Sandy. Angelica Cortinas, the secretary of the property owners group, told The Star-Ledger that of the 150 or so homes on the island, “maybe 25 or 30 residents are back. So it’s primarily vacant.”

“We have nothing against free enterprise or anything like that,” Ed Hoffman, who is still displaced from his home on Pelican Island, told the Ledger. “But you have to have concerns about where this is going to take place. It’s going to take place in a residential neighborhood and it’s going to be overwhelming to the residents.”

But some residents also admit an association with Polizzi is something they’d rather not have. For instance, Cortinas said Pelican Island usually flies under the radar, and she’s like to keep it that way.

“Everyone now is going to know, ‘oh, Snooki s house.’ I don’t want it to be Snooki s house. I don’t mind that they ask, ‘oh, where’s that?,'” she said.

But ever since the birth of son Lorenzo 11 months ago, Polizzi has made it plain that she is a reformed woman, who has switched her priorities from partying to parenthood and fitness – which she explains in her still-signature blunt style.

“Being fit is [a priority],” she told PEOPLE last week. “First was partying, now it’s my son and working out.”

“It’s made me a better person,” she added about motherhood. “It’s made me realize what life is really about and screw the bullsh .”

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